Art Show by Oleg Churylov

About the artist

Oleg Churylov the artist

I am guided by a few philosophical doctrines: "It's never too late for anything", "If others can do - why not me?", "One should always dream and strive to realize the dreams" - by striving to make one's own dreams come true one can feel the presence of God and see the strength of His All Pervading Power.

A quote from ancient Vedas describes God as "The One who has always been making our pure desires come true".

Depicting various landscapes or seascapes I recreate poetic and romantic moods of nature and its expressions in relation to existence of life on Earth - a ship, swinging on the great waves over the stormy sea or little house on the shore of a lake with its inhabitants enjoying activities outside. There are always birds, animals, couples of children or love couples enjoying the beauty of the surrounding World. In my painting I focus on the beauty of colors, often reminiscent of colors of a children's world of fairy tales in which good prevails. The technique of painting matures with each painting as I am striving to depict certain atmosphere created by light distribution, color, texture.  The use of various paint application through brushes, palette knives, fabric cloths, and some others I render each element of nature, striving for greater accuracy. I study water and waves, textures of sand and textures of mountains often using photo references.

The sceneries I depict make up a Dream World where I want to invite the audience, yet, primarily it's created as my escape territories and reflect particles of my Soul.